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Sprit Bear DVD re-release features my image shot at ISO 3200

Posted on 02. Sep, 2011 by .


I was very happy to see the re-release of the Spirit Bear DVD at Amazon featuring my image on the cover.  I’m quite proud of this image because it was made at ISO 3200 with my Canon 5D Mark II and stands up extremely well to printing on DVD covers, magazine covers and as a […]

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Spirit Bear Cover Shot – ISO 3200 Canon 5D Mark II

Posted on 17. Jun, 2010 by .


Have you seen the cover shot on the Summer/Fall 2010 issue of Outdoor Photography Canada (OPC) Magazine? It’s my shot of a Kermode “Spirit” Bear and there is an accompanying article inside about a trip I lead last fall to photograph these wonderful and uniquely Canadian bears. This isn’t my first cover shot on a magazine…

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Legend of the “Spirit Bear”

Posted on 05. Oct, 2009 by .


For many years, the Spirit Bear was considered a legend of the Gitg’at and Kitasoo Native Peoples. Their legends told of a time when the glaciers finally receded, and it was Raven who made everything green. Raven also decided to make one in ten black bears white, to remind him of the time when the world was white with snow and ice. Raven decided to set aside a special area of the world for these bears – now known as the Great Bear Rainforest. It was a remote paradise where the bears were to live…

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September Update – Wolves, Lynx and Leopards!

Posted on 08. Sep, 2009 by .


September has returned all the daytime wanderers (school folks, their parents, folks on holidays, etc.) to their regular routines and my errands today took half the time they did during the summer. It was the beginning of August when I noticed the first leaves starting to turn colour here in Edmonton, and while the full fall colour season is still probably a few weeks away, the trees seem well aware that winter is on its way.

I’m very excited about my upcoming…

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Spirit Bear Photography Tour

Posted on 20. Nov, 2008 by .


Spirit Bear Photography Tour Along the coast of the Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada September 13th – 20th, 2009 Join Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine contributing editor, Paul Burwell, for a full-featured photography tour in search of the Spirit or Kermode Black Bear along the coast of the Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada.  Spirit […]

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