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Learning to slow down and starting to really see

Posted on 06. Sep, 2011 by .


But it wasn’t until this summer that I finally started to take a good look around what’s been hiding in plain site, just outside my office. You see, I got married last fall (finally! hurray!) and I’ve moved into the house that my was living in. It’s a fantastic little house built during the war in the 1940’s and one of its fantastic features is a very large back yard (at least by city standards). My wife is a fantastic gardener and in addition to a few vegetable crops we have tremendous wildflower and sunflower gardens.

This summer I managed to slow myself down a little more and now I’m seeing all these little critters who I previously…

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Fresh Snowflake Photography and a Happy New Year!

Posted on 30. Dec, 2010 by .


There have only been a couple of days this winter when we’ve had the conditions necessary for great snowflake photography. Not only does it need to be snowing, but…

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-41 (Without the windchill)??? Are you freakin kidding me???

Posted on 10. Mar, 2009 by .


As I write this, the temperature at the International Airport just outside Edmonton (where I live), is a biting-41 Celsius (-41.8 Farenheit) and with the wind chill, it feels like a cutting -54 Celsius (-65.2 Farenheit). Are you freakin kidding me? It’s ten days away from spring and it’s this cold out? Why in the heck do I live here anyway? Read on to find out…

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More snowflake photography – No two alike?

Posted on 26. Feb, 2009 by .


More snowflake photography – No two alike? – One of the common bits of knowledge is that there are supposedly no two snowflakes that are alike. And in my relatively limited experience of closely examing these wonderful water vapor crystals, I have yet to find any that are even reasonably close to identical. And, it is unlikely in the extreme, that I’ll ever photograph two identical crystals. Why is this?

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When life gives you snow…

Posted on 24. Feb, 2009 by .


When life gives you snow – I don’t know about the part of the world that you live in, but here on the frozen prairie of Alberta, it is looking like anything but spring. As I write this, it is snowing quite heavily and the temperature is about – 17 celcius (about 1 degree Farenheit). Sure, it’s been snowier and colder this winter, but I’m on the edge of getting a little antsy for spring.

Now, I could be a good boy and head a bit north of the city to search out some owl activity or head to Elk Island National Park (just about 20 minutes east of Edmonton) to look for some chilly wildlife. Heck, I could even head down to one of the local park’s bird feeders to try photographing the local siskins, chickadees, grosbeaks or redpolls.

But occasionally, the falling snow is just about perfect (about – 8 to -12 Celcius or 17 to 10 degrees Farenheit) and it just begs to be…

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