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Prairie dogs, falcons and hawks with thanks

Posted on 19. Sep, 2011 by .


It is always great to get together with a bunch of like-minded folks where I can share my passion for wildlife photography. We spent a full day in the classroom Saturday and then on Sunday morning we took a field trip to a number of locations to help the student’s practice what they’d learned during Saturday’s lecture. We visited the world’s northern most…

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© Paul Burwell Photography

Learning to slow down and starting to really see

Posted on 06. Sep, 2011 by .


But it wasn’t until this summer that I finally started to take a good look around what’s been hiding in plain site, just outside my office. You see, I got married last fall (finally! hurray!) and I’ve moved into the house that my was living in. It’s a fantastic little house built during the war in the 1940’s and one of its fantastic features is a very large back yard (at least by city standards). My wife is a fantastic gardener and in addition to a few vegetable crops we have tremendous wildflower and sunflower gardens.

This summer I managed to slow myself down a little more and now I’m seeing all these little critters who I previously…

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Sprit Bear DVD re-release features my image shot at ISO 3200

Posted on 02. Sep, 2011 by .


I was very happy to see the re-release of the Spirit Bear DVD at Amazon featuring my image on the cover.  I’m quite proud of this image because it was made at ISO 3200 with my Canon 5D Mark II and stands up extremely well to printing on DVD covers, magazine covers and as a […]

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1400mm with the 5D Mark II done sharply

Posted on 24. May, 2011 by .


I recalled an experiment I did a couple of years ago with my 500mm lens paired with BOTH the 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters (also known as stacking teleconverters) which yielded a 1400mm focal length at F11 as the largest aperture. I was able to achieve really good results…

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April Update-Meet Casey the Black Bear Cub

Posted on 19. Apr, 2011 by .


Happy Spring!!! I recently returned from Utah, just outside Zion National Park, where I hosted a workshop (that was held in conjunction with the folks at the Triple “D” Game Farm) with a tremendous group of students. As spring is the time of year when a lot of animals have their youngsters, we had the good fortune of photographing…

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Front page news

Posted on 12. Jan, 2011 by .


Wow! I can’t believe it. Me and my snowflakes are featured on the front page of the local Edmonton paper, the Edmonton Journal. Wow! Jamie Hall, the writer for the Journal, did an excellent job at writing the story and creating a compelling story…

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Fresh Snowflake Photography and a Happy New Year!

Posted on 30. Dec, 2010 by .


There have only been a couple of days this winter when we’ve had the conditions necessary for great snowflake photography. Not only does it need to be snowing, but…

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Top 18 assertions about “Real” Photographers

Posted on 20. Sep, 2010 by .


When I was but a lad learning computer programming in college during the 80’s, I came across a piece of entertaining literature (probably through the resources of CompuServe) that listed a number of assertions about what constituted a “real” programmer. I found the piece highly entertaining as it poked fun at the pretentious and arrogant attitudes prevalent amongst a group of hard core self-imagined “real” programmers at the time. I’ve now learned that the piece was written by Tom van Vleck and was originally titled Real Programmers don’t write specs.

I thought it would be fun to compile a similar list of similarly pretentious and arrogant assertions about what constitutes a “real” photographer. And with many thanks to Tom for the kernel of the idea, here’s the list
I thought it would be fun to compile a similar list of similarly pretentious and arrogant assertions about what constitutes a “real” photographer. And with many thanks to Tom for the kernel of the idea, here’s the list I’ve compiled

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Spirit Bear Cover Shot – ISO 3200 Canon 5D Mark II

Posted on 17. Jun, 2010 by .


Have you seen the cover shot on the Summer/Fall 2010 issue of Outdoor Photography Canada (OPC) Magazine? It’s my shot of a Kermode “Spirit” Bear and there is an accompanying article inside about a trip I lead last fall to photograph these wonderful and uniquely Canadian bears. This isn’t my first cover shot on a magazine…

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Polar Bears waiting for winter and killing time

Posted on 05. Apr, 2010 by .


I thought I’d make a video that told the story of the Polar Bears, waiting along the shores of Hudson’s Bay for the bay to freeze up. The bears rely on ice in the bay to help them return to their hunting grounds on Hudson’s Bay where they hunt seals. This hunting is extremely important because…

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