Post-shutter activation light modifying with Lightroom and Viveza

Posted on 19. Aug, 2011 by in Everything, Instructional, Videos

It has been a while since I put together a video tutorial and I thought it was time.  In this video tutorial, I take a look at using a combination of Adobe Lightroom and Nik Software’s Viveza plugin to do some light modifying; after the picture has been made.  I am sure a lot of photographers will scoff at this and tell me I should have got it right in the camera, but in a lot of candid situations and especially with wildlife photography, using tools like deflectors and numerous lighting sources just isn’t an option.

After Lightroom/Viveza light modification

After Lightroom/Viveza light modification

Before Lightroom/Viveza light modification

Before Lightroom/Viveza light modification

It’s odd, but most animals aren’t too good at standing on a mark or not eating an assitant holding a reflector to balance out some side lighting.

As an alternative, this video will help you understand why I love Viveza and how you can easily and quickly make a radical adjustment to the lighting in an image.

It runs about 20 minutes so when you have a chance, take a look and let me know what you think.

Viveza 2


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One Response to “Post-shutter activation light modifying with Lightroom and Viveza”

  1. Andre Hote

    03. Oct, 2011

    Hi Paul,

    Great tips, mighty useful.

    I am sure this control point technology can yet be extended to shapes other than circles. On that great shot of the lynx, whether it is my screen or my vision, but I get the overall impression that there is a darker cast on the edge of the animal that could be dealt with, perhaps simply through a layer mask of a brighter shade carefully selectively painted in with a small brush.

    Anyway, that is a good reminder of the Viveza control point technology which I like to use on Silver Efex.

    I came across your blog through your Jobu Design Gimbal head, which is also very useful.