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A week in the rainforest; What worked and what didn’t

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…I’d like to impart a few thoughts about the term “Water Resistant.” I’d like to meet the marketing schmuck who came up with this term? Every piece of gear that someone had that was labelled water resistant leaked like a sieve when exposed to anything more than a gentle mist for more than 30 seconds. Pants, jackets, gloves and yes, even camera covers labelled as “water resistant” all failed miserably in terms of keeping things dry. If I were running the world, I’d ban that term. Gear would either be rated as water proof or not. None of this namby pamby stuff…

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September Update – Wolves, Lynx and Leopards!

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September has returned all the daytime wanderers (school folks, their parents, folks on holidays, etc.) to their regular routines and my errands today took half the time they did during the summer. It was the beginning of August when I noticed the first leaves starting to turn colour here in Edmonton, and while the full fall colour season is still probably a few weeks away, the trees seem well aware that winter is on its way.

I’m very excited about my upcoming…

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Hey you! Where’d you leave your integrity?

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I have a problem with photographers who pretend that the image they made of a captive animal was actually an image of a wild animal. In my opinion it is dishonest and does a disservice to the wildlife photography community. I also have an issue with what I consider a lie by omission. Some photographers don’t say whether the images they present are of wild or captive animals and I think they do this as they’d prefer the public to assume they are images of wild animals. I think this is dangerous to both…

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