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Top Ten Wildlife Photography Tips

Posted on 30. Apr, 2009 by .


Creating a tremendous wildlife photograph is an extremely rewarding pursuit. However, developing the skills and techniques necessary to create captivating wildlife images is more difficult than it might appear on the surface. Composition, lighting, equipment, natural history, and patience are just some of the areas…

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Some of my favourite digital photography software tools

Posted on 28. Apr, 2009 by .


Digital photographers generally use a program for image management, a program to process the images and photo editing software to touch-up and print their images. I thought it would useful to let you know about some of the extra tools I use to help optimize my workflow and enhance some of my images. All of the tools I’ll discuss…

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Slideshows that don’t suck

Posted on 16. Apr, 2009 by .


Although I fondly remember watching my dad’s dusty slides as a kid, I’ve never enjoyed watching slideshows of digital images on the computer. Why? Because they generally suck and bore me to tears. In fact, I had a selection of URL’s saved just so that I could lull myself to sleep if I couldn’t sleep. So, when I heard about a service called Animoto that promises to…

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5 misconceptions about professional freelance photography

Posted on 14. Apr, 2009 by .


Some of the comments generated by my post on the Top Ten Mistakes that aspriring professional freelance photographer make got me to thinking that some people seem to have a few misconceptions about what being a professional photographer…

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Top ten mistakes that aspiring professional freelance photographers make

Posted on 06. Apr, 2009 by .


I run into a lot of people, either physically or virtually who have aspirations of turning their hobby photography into a freelance career. I thought I’d put together a list, derived from my and other’s experience, to help…

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Learning wildlife photography – The power of simplicity

Posted on 01. Apr, 2009 by .


I’m extremely fortunate in that my passion for wildlife and photography has evolved into my full-time occupation. As part of my work, I get to review and critique quite a number of wildlife photographs. When I think back over the images that stand out from the others I am reminded of…

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